Murder, 3 Class A Felony Assaults

Client charged with shooting at six people, killing one and hitting three others.  After fully investigating, we discovered who was the actual shooter.  Prosecutor still pursued case and presented four eyewitnesses.  Each witness was impeached and discredited.  After just an hour and a half, jury came back NOT GUILTY.

Robbery – 4 Counts of the Class A Felony

Client was charged with armed robbery of local subways.  The prosecutor had client’s fingerprints at one of the Subway’s.  Three witnesses identified client from photo lineups.  During trial, two of the witnesses admitted that they were not sure.  The third was shown to be biased.  After a tense and long afternoon of waiting, the jury came back NOT GUILTY.

Murder 1st Degree

Client charged with shooting a man sitting in a van.  After investigating and showing the prosecutor that their witnesses were not credible, they DISMISSED.

Murder 2nd Degree

Client charged with shooting a man on front porch.  The prosecutor did not have much evidence, but still refused to dismiss.  Client went through several attorneys where the prosecutor offered the minimum, 10 years in prison.  But, client didn’t deserve to do any time for a crime he didn’t do.  Within one month of representing client, CASE DISMISSED.


Murder 2nd Degree

Client convicted of aiding another man in shooting a drug dealer in a motel room.  During a post-conviction motion, we showed the judge that client received ineffective assistance of counsel, but, also, that client was not guilty.  Judge agreed and client is now a free man.  CONVICTION REVERSED.

Class A Felony Assaults, Armed Criminal Action

Client convicted of shooting and paralyzing a man during a fight.  Client sentenced to 30 years in prison.  Showed the judge that client received horrible trial representation and that the result was an injustice.  Judge agreed and Client’s sentence was reduced to 20 years in prison.

Armed Robbery

Client was talked into pleading guilty to the Class A felony of Robbery for sitting in a car while other teenagers committed robbery.  Client received 13 years in prison.  After just one visit with client, it was clear that this was not right.  Filed motion, spoke with prosecutor, then judge.  Client was not competent.  Plea attorney was found ineffective.  GUILTY PLEA SET ASIDE.

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